Medical Staff:

Mr Glyn Evans

Glyn is a Consultant Knee Surgeon on the GMC specialist register for trauma and orthopaedics.

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We have on-site availability of inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy to cater for all your requirements; either as the main modality of treatment or in conjunction with surgical treatment, before and after surgical intervention. We also work with, and have links with, numerous independent physiotherapists specialising in the treatment of knee problems in many areas of the UK. If you have a physiotherapist of your own choice, or closer to where you live, we are happy to refer and liaise with him/her and to send all details of the diagnosis, clinical assessment, operation details and post-operative care.


London Knee Clinic partners with a team of highly experienced Consultant Anaesthetists who undertake all relevant forms of anaesthesia. They are skilled in general anaesthesia, intravenous sedation, and the use of regional anaesthesia such as epidural injections, spinal injections and nerve blocks.

All patients are seen prior to surgery by our anaesthetists to carry out a pre-operative assessment. During this they evaluate your fitness for anaesthesia, request appropriate investigations and plan the most appropriate anaesthetic technique. After the operation our nursing staff liaise with our anaesthetists to ensure that any pain caused by your operation is well controlled. They also make sure that any problems related to the anaesthetic, such as nausea, are dealt with and that you are progressing well during recovery.

Anaesthesia in the United Kingdom is carried out by doctors who have undergone a long period of postgraduate training in several different hospitals and have passed the appropriate examinations in anaesthetics. The Consultant Anaesthetists working with London Knee Clinic all have current or previous Consultant appointments in Anaesthesia in London NHS Hospitals. They are all on the Specialist Register for Anaesthetics of the General Medical Council, are Fellows of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Finally, and are fully accredited with all the UK Health Insurance Companies.

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Practice Manager:

Carole Segger is our Practice Manager and has worked with us since the clinic began; she has overall responsibility for the running of the clinic. She has many years of experience as a medical secretary and practice manager and has worked previously within the NHS and in the private sector. Carole is your first point of contact and she will explain what London Knee Clinic has to offer you. She will oversee everything from the booking of your first appointment, through arranging any scans you may need to organising your operation, and any other treatment or investigations you may require. Carole also deals with the accounts. Contact Carole on 020 7407 3069 or

GP Liaison:

We liaise with GPs and Physiotherapy Practices and are more than happy to receive telephone enquiries at any time with regard to individual patients. We regularly visit GP and Physiotherapy Practices for postgraduate lectures, to book a visit please contact for available dates.