How do I make an appointment to see a consultant?

Your GP may refer you to a consultant or you are welcome to contact us yourself.  If you are insured, please check your policy as some insurance policies require you to have a GP referral.  You may phone us for an appointment.


Is there a contract between the patient and the doctor?

Please read the FIPO leaflet below for information regarding the patient/doctor contract.


Do I need pre-authorisation from my insurance company?

Firstly, it is very important that you contact your insurance company if you have any queries regarding your policy.  Most insurance companies will not pay out on a policy unless you inform them that you are seeing a specialist, prior to your appointment.  Please check with them first, otherwise you are liable for the fees.


Can I get a fee estimate before treatment?

Yes we can give you a fee estimate before treatment.  Please phone us for details.


Who pays the consultant’s fees?

If you are insured, the insurance company will normally pay the consultants fees direct, if they are covered by your policy.  Again, please check with them for details. If you are a self paying patient, then you are responsible for all fees and costs incurred. 


Why might there be shortfalls?

 It is possible that there may be a shortfall on surgical procedures.  London Knee Clinic is registered with all the major healthcare insurers such as AXA/PPP, BUPA and WPA.  We charge within guidelines for outpatient consultations.  Wherever possible we keep within the charging guidelines for surgical procedures, however in complex cases there may be an excess and this will be discussed with you at your consultation.

Please read the FIPO leaflet below for more information regarding this.


Do you offer a payment scheme for self paying patients?

Yes we do.  We offer an easy payment plan which can make it easier to cover the cost of the fees for the surgical procedure.

The hospital does offer various fixed price packages for certain procedures, and we can give you information regarding these.

Please note that hospital charges and anaesthetists fees are separate and can be discussed with the hospital finance department and your anaesthetists’ secretary.

We are happy to discuss individual fees with you before any consultation or treatment.  For information on specific fees for outpatient appointments and/or surgical procedures, please contact us directly on 0207 407 3069.


FIPO Leaflet

Please click here to view an Explanation Sheet published by The Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisations (FIPO).