How long will I need to take off work?

This depends on the type of procedure you are going to have and your consultant will advise you during your consultation.


I am self paying, when will I have to pay?

For surgery, fees are payable on admission. Fees for outpatient consultations are payable at the time of your consultation.


Will I have stitches?

In most cases dissolvable sutures are used.


Will I need to have my dressings changed?

Dressings are usually changed at 2 weeks when you attend for your post op outpatient consultation. Alternative arrangements can be made if you live a long way from the hospital.


When can I go back to the gym?

You will need to wait until your post op appointment at 2 weeks, when your consultant will discuss your progress with you.


Will I need physiotherapy?

Exercises will be given to you during your hospital stay and these are usually sufficient. Further physiotherapy can be arranged if this is necessary. Your consultant can recommend a physiotherapist or will be happy to liase with a physiotherapist of your choice.


How long do I need to wear the TED stockings?

The manufacturers recommend that these are worn for 6 weeks. However, if you are very mobile and have had a simple procedure and have no swelling or pain, then you can stop wearing them after 2 weeks. Your consultant will advise you regarding this.


Will I need crutches?

Crutches are not usually required following most arthroscopic (keyhole) operations but are generally necessary after cruciate ligament reconstructions, and are sometimes required after knee replacement surgery.


Can I fly after surgery?

You can usually fly the day after surgery following an arthroscopy and within about a week of a more major procedure. Your consultant will advice you if you have any medical condition which would make this unsafe.